4.T48 NEAR TOOLBOX Video Conferencing Room

The studio is designed for the simple and professional creation of videos. Bring your camera and use the rest of the infrastructure for an uncomplicated shoot.


  • Record lecture
  • Learn with tutorials
  • Document project

Level of difficulty

Use the walk-in studio to record high-quality videos or streams with your smartphone or the camera you brought with you. Curtains and paper rolls create aesthetic backgrounds, and you can create studio scenarios with furniture and carpets. The rolling scaffolding gives you unusual camera angles or serves as a backdrop.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, including the permanently installed Aputure Nova P300c 300W RGBWW LED soft lights, we offer you optimum conditions for your projects. The four softboxes ensure excellent light quality, while the positioning of the lamps remains constant for maximum efficiency.

Access to our comprehensive equipment is extremely easy. The key for cabinet 1, which contains everything you need for your shoot, is located on the NEAR STUDIO key ring. In addition, cabinet 2 is available for special video camera recordings after you have received a brief introduction from our AV service.

Our space is not only equipped with a variety of tools and furniture, but also offers the support of our Digital Assistants to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

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Let's go!

NEAR STUDIO - Studio scenarios
NEAR STUDIO - Commissioning and decommissioning
NEAR STUDIO - Video production
NEAR STUDIO - Presentation of furniture