The cloud storage service, SWITCHdrive, allows you to store, synchronize and share data with other people.


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Level of difficulty

SWITCHdrive is an online storage space that allows you to store files individually or to synchronize entire folders. Files can be shared with others or protected with a password.

One unique feature is the option to grant others the right to upload files via the web browser to their own storage space. Moreover, texts, tables and presentations can be jointly edited.

Unlike commercial service providers such as Dropbox, the data on SWITCHdrive is stored in Switzerland.

  • Similar services: Dropbox, Box and Google Drive
  • Access: Browser, desktop, app
  • Restrictions: 50 GB, free SWITCH edu-ID
  • Data location: Switzerland

Let's go!

Open account

Create SWITCH edu-ID:

Register the SWITCHdrive service at SWITCH:

Log in with SWITCH edu-ID and get started:

Use SWITCHdrive in the browser

or install the desktop and mobile app

How to Switch Drive


SWITCHdrive offers a user-friendly, cross-platform, free and secure option to also exchange data with other people. The generous storage space can even be increased.

Michael Koch

It is easy to share data with internal and external people, and I can choose my folder structure myself.

Nadja Weisskopf

I use SWITCHdrive when I am collaborating with others to temporarily exchange data.

Renato Soldenhoff

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Team E-Learning

SWITCHdrive offers me good data protection.

Nadja Weisskopf