ELLA provides access to ZHdK's e-learning tools. Example projects and teaching scenarios show how these tools can be used in teaching.


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The ELLA tool box presents examples of content-related and functional e-learning tools from the ZHdK ecosystem. The tools are described, and experiences from other users as well as how to get started with the tools are shown. There are also projects and learning scenarios. Concepts and approaches formulated with e-learning tools are described and listed. The three areas of tools, example projects and learning scenarios are connected with one another.

ELLA provides lecturers with an overview of the tools as well as examples of possible applications. The toolbox is designed to inspire and assist them with planning their own classes.

ELLA should be viewed as a growing website: the tools, example projects and scenarios are continually extended.

  • Similar services: learningapps.org, e-teaching.org, edulabs.de/oer
  • Access: Browser
  • Restrictions: None
  • Data location: ZHdK


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Thanks to ELLA, we found wonderful tools for the Z-Kubator Summer Academy, which made it easier to work with the students and document the course in a professional manner.

Philipp Kotsopoulos, Leiter Z-Kubator

This collection was put together to help you design your digital classes.

Team E-Learning

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