ET - Ear Trainer

ET - Ear Trainer is an interactive aural training app (German and English) that was developed for students in the Jazz and Pop (BA 1-2) Aural Training major.


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Level of difficulty

The app focuses on microphone input and works with your voice and the majority of instruments. It contains exercises for active and passive listening, and covers the majority of the sound building blocks used in lessons (scales, triads and four-note chords with up to two tensions as well as slash chords). However, the app is also suitable for musicians of other styles and all levels, and can be incorporated easily into lessons. Students receive access to a free desktop version; the mobile app (Google Play and Apple Store) costs CHF 6.

- Similar services: Better Ears, Perfect Ear
- Access: Standalone, smartphones, desktop
- Restrictions: None
- Data location: Local, cloud data back-up possible

Student version Mac & Windows: please e-mail

Tutorial in German:

Tutorial in English:


The app helped me to prepare properly for the aural training examinations, and it trains precisely those skills that are useful in everyday musical life.

Moritz Werner, studiert Tonübertragung