VC-M2 Zoom Room Mobile Video Conferencing System

The VC-M2 mobile video conferencing system allows you to also hold professional video conferences for large groups in almost every room at ZHdK. Zoom is already pre-installed and enables simple, intuitive use and cable-free presentations.


  • Conduct video conference/webinar

Level of difficulty

The system is moved using a trolley also containing a monitor and microphone with integrated touch display that control the meeting with Zoom. As a result, the system can also provide good-quality audio in large rooms of up to 90m2 and at a distance of up to 12 metres.

If a second screen or data projector is connected with the HDMI cable provided, the video conference is shown on one screen and the presentation separately on the other. This significantly improves the quality of the conference.

Automatic facial recognition and 4K cameras with 7x zoom make it possible to show the person speaking as closely as possible to their counterpart. The camera movement can also be switched to manual operation.

Presentations from up to four devices can be given simultaneously via the Zoom app with and without video conferencing. The host decides which presentation is to be shown. Thus, it does not matter whether the presenting hardware is a computer, smartphone or tablet.

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  • Access: via Zoom
  • Restrictions: Introductory course recommended. An introductory course is available.
  • Data location: EU