OBSBOT Tail AI Camera

This small auto director camera on a rotatable module allows you to track someone and keep them in focus, even if they move around the room.

The OBSBOT Tail camera is available for testing through the E-Learning team, and can be borrowed.


  • Document project
  • Record lecture

Level of difficulty

The AI camera OBSBOT Tail uses an advanced neuronal network to achieve intelligent AI tracking. It is controlled by smartphone: after downloading the Obsbot Studio App, you can make simple to more complex adjustments. You mark the person who is to be tracked by Obsbot on your smartphone screen.

The camera is then placed in the room in such a way that the subject is always in front of the lens when the camera is rotated 360 degrees. In automatic mode, the camera does the tracking itself; in manual mode, you control the camera movement via smartphone or with hand movements if you are filming yourself.

Possible applications include the recording of teaching situations, lectures or performances.

Suitable for Windows, iOS and Android smartphones.

Let's go!


We have used the Obsbot Tail camera to record presentations and lectures. It works! However, you need to pay close attention to the audio recording, and it takes a bit of practice to use the camera.

Renato Soldenhoff

You can use the camera to record conference presentations without disturbing the presenters.

Mela Kocher

You can also track yourself with Obsbot to evaluate your own performance.

Mela Kocher