4.T48 NEAR TOOLBOX Video Conferencing Room

The 4.T48 Seminar Room is set up for learning, teaching and collaborating in the digital age, and is equipped with the Polycom Studio video conferencing system.


  • Conduct video conference/webinar

Level of difficulty

The room contains the Polycom Studio video conferencing system, which is activated at the touch of a button. The pre-installed Zoom video conferencing software allows you to use the system without your own laptop or tablet. The system has people-tracking and can automatically focus on the people who are speaking.

The room has two projectors which can be used in a variety of ways. ShareLink allows up to four people to project their content cable-free in the NEAR TOOLBOX room. Devices connected to ShareLink or HDMI can be played in the video conference.

Please note that it is not possible to hold conferences via free services such as Skype, Apple FaceTime or Google Hangout with this video conferencing system.

The video conferencing room is located in Room 4.T48 on the Toni Campus. As a user, you can set up the room so it supports collaboration or your teaching in the best possible way, enabling you to place chairs, tables and curtains where you please. Describe the envisaged walls and project content from a range of devices with your group.

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  • Access: ZOOM
  • Restrictions: –
  • Data location: Depends on the video conferencing software

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