Zoom makes it easy to conduct a wide range of top-quality video conferences and webinars.


  • Conduct video conference/webinar

Level of difficulty

The Zoom video conferencing software allows you to conduct video conferences in which the conference partners can take part using a range of digital devices. For example, via a professional video conferencing system, a desktop or a mobile app. Participants can talk to each other via audio, video and chat, and have the opportunity to present content by sharing their screen. The connection is reliable even with a large number of participants.

ZHdK members have a Pro account, which allows them to use ZHdK video conferencing systems and take part in top-quality conferences without any time limit and for up to 300 people. Participants do not need to have a Zoom account. And the highlight: conferences can be streamed on YouTube and Facebook, and recorded.

  • Similar services: Appear.in, BigBlueButton, Facetime, Hangout, Jitsi, Skype
  • Access: Desktop or mobile app, direct in PAUL
  • Restrictions: Basic account restricts use to 40 minutes
  • Data location: Amazon Web Services

Let's go!

Learn more about Zoom in this introductory video.

Mit Dank an Liliane Koch und Christopher Kriese


You only require a short introduction, it is very easy to use, works reliably and the quality is excellent.

Daniel Späti

We used Zoom to incorporate webinars into our Smart Curation online course. This enabled us to bring together interested parties from Switzerland and nearby countries for a casual, exciting online discussion.

Ruedi Widmer

Together with the advantages of the video conferencing room, Zoom is a super tool for meetings with multiple people in different places.

Daniel Späti

Zoom is a user-friendly platform which supports flexible, individual solutions.

Renato Soldenhoff
Renato Soldenhoff